We’re a Slack community¬†of Assistant Professors¬†(mostly in the biomedical sciences) with members around the world, formed to help each other tackle common challenges. See how it all started¬†here.

Founder and Organizer:
Prachee Avasthi, University of Kansas Medical Center

New PI Slack Advisory Board:
*Michael Baym, Harvard Medical School
Maitreyi Das, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Magda Grabowska, Case Western Reserve University
Michael Hoffman, University of Toronto
*Irene Gallego Romero, University of Melbourne
Alice Soragni, University of California Los Angeles
Greg Szeto, University of Maryland Baltimore County
*Jordan Ward, University of California Santa Cruz
*New Board Members as of 2/12/19

The New PI Slack Advisory Board weighs in on issues concerning membership, organization, and conflict resolution.

Featured New PI Organizer:
Allyson Sgro, Boston University

Social Media and Outreach Coordinators:
Joel Boerckel, University of Pennsylvania
Allyson Sgro, Boston University

Administrative Alumni:
Casey Greene, University of Pennsylvania, Board Member
Katherine Aird, Pennsylvania State University, Featured New PI Organizer