We’re a Slack community¬†of Assistant Professors with members around the world, formed to help each other tackle common challenges. We welcome all junior PIs, though our members are mostly in the biomedical sciences and predominantly in North America. See how it all started¬†here.

Founder and Organizer:
Prachee Avasthi, University of Kansas Medical Center

New PI Slack Advisory Board:
Michael Baym, Harvard Medical School
*Joel Boerckel, University of Pennsylvania
Maitreyi Das, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Magda Grabowska, Case Western Reserve University
Michael Hoffman, University of Toronto
Irene Gallego Romero, University of Melbourne
Alice Soragni, University of California Los Angeles
Greg Szeto, Allen Institute for Immunology
Jordan Ward, University of California Santa Cruz
*New Board Members as of 2/16/20

The New PI Slack Advisory Board weighs in on issues concerning membership, organization, and conflict resolution.

Featured New PI Organizer:
Allyson Sgro, Boston University

Social Media and Outreach Coordinators:
Joel Boerckel, University of Pennsylvania
Allyson Sgro, Boston University

New PI Slack Seminar Speaker Organizers:
Cooper Battle, Willamette University
Buck Samuel, Baylor College of Medicine
Amelie Stein, University of Copenhagen

Content/resource Czars:
Sujatha Jagannathan, University of Colorado Anschutz
Zeba Wunderlich, University of California Irvine

Administrative Alumni:
Casey Greene, University of Pennsylvania, Board Member
Katherine Aird, Pennsylvania State University, Featured New PI Organizer