Eligibility: New PI Slack community is growing very rapidly and the group has decided to extend invitations to those that have arrived at their official start date as independent faculty members. This is being done to 1) avoid simultaneous membership of existing members and their soon-to-finish postdocs, 2) facilitate enforcement of uniform entry criteria for those in many different deferment/relocation situations and 3) maximize the benefit of the group for existing as well as starting members. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to welcoming all incoming members once they have officially started their positions!

If you are pre-tenure/pre-promotion faculty and have already reached your start date, email Prachee Avasthi or direct message @PracheeAC on Twitter to request an invite. If via Twitter, please confirm your start date and include the email address you’d like us to use for the invite. You can also contact anyone else you know is in the group with your request.